Queen's School of Computing

The Biomedical Computing program gives students an education in the fundamental areas of computer science and life sciences. It also provides a link between these areas through new specialized courses in medical informatics and computational biology.

Biomedical Computing is a 120-credit program. Full year courses (indicated by /6.0) count as 6.0 units and half-year courses count as 3.0 units. See the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar for complete details.

Required Courses

BIOL-102 Introductory Biology of Cells
BIOL-103 Introductory Biology of Organisms
CHEM-112 General Chemistry
CISC-121 Introduction to Computing Science I
CISC-124 Introduction to Computing Science II
CISC-102 Discrete Math I
  One of the following 2 courses:
     • MATH-111/6.0 Linear Algebra
     • MATH-112 Linear Algebra
MATH-121/6.0 Differential and Integral Calculus
BIOL-205 Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
MBIO-218 Gene Structure and Function
STAT-263 Introduction to Statistics
CISC-203 Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science
CISC-204 Logic for Computing Science
CISC-220 System-Level Programming
CISC-221 Computer Architecture
CISC-223 Software Specifications
CISC-235 Information Structures
CISC-260 Programming Paradigms
CISC-271 Scientific Computing
  One of the following 2 courses:
     • BIOL-334 Comparative Biochemistry
     • BCHM-315 Proteins and Enzymes
BIOL-331 Analytical Genomics
CISC-320 Software Development
CISC-330 Computer-Integrated Surgery
CISC-332 Database Management Systems
CISC-352 Artificial Intelligence
CISC-365 Algorithms I
CISC-471 Computational Biology
CISC-472 Medical Informatics
CISC-497 Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing
CISC-499 Advanced Undergraduate Project
9.0 units from CHEM 281, CHEM 282, PHGY 214/6.0, or any courses in CISC, SOFT, ANAT, BIOL, BCHM, CANC, CRSS, DDHT, EPID, LISC, MBIO, MICR, PATH, PHAR, PHGY at the 300-level or above
15.0 elective credits

Recommended Options and Electives

  BCHM-315 Proteins and Enzymes
  BCHM-410 Protein Structure and Function
  BCHM-411 Advanced Molecular Biology
  CISC-322 Software Architecture
  CISC-325 Human-Computer Interaction
  CISC-435 Computer Communications and Networks
  CISC-452 Neural and Genetic Computing
  CISC-453 Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  CISC-454 Computer Graphics
  CISC-457 Image Processing and Computer Vision
  DDHT-460 Drug Development
  LISC-322 Fundamentals of Neuroscience
  LISC-390 Life Science Laboratory I
  LISC-391 Life Science Laboratory II
  LISC-414 Progress in Neuroanatomy and Neuropharmacology
  LISC-422 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
  PHAR-230 Pharmacology for Health Sciences
  PHAR-340 General Pharmacology
  PHAR-416 Xenobiotic Disposition and Toxicity
  PHIL-301 Biomedical Ethics