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The Game Development option of Software Design guides students on the most appropriate courses to choose in order to pursue a career in the game-development industry. The option provides deep skills and knowledge in the software aspects of computer game development while retaining the core Software Design requirements, permitting employment throughout the software industry or supporting an application to graduate studies in computer science.

For detailed information, please see Software Design.

Core courses

Students interested in the Game Development option of Software Design must complete the following:
  • CISC 226/3.0 (Game Design)
  • CISC 326/3.0 (Game Architecture)
  • CISC 486/3.0 (Game Engine Development) and CISC 496/3.0 (Game Development Project)
For more information on Software Design, please see the full program.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended as electives for students interested in Game Development:
  • CISC 282/3.0 (Fundamentals of Web Applications)
  • COCA 201/3.0 (Computing and the Creative Arts)
  • CISC 320/3.0 (Fundamentals of Software Development).

How to get started

Apply at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QD (Queen's University, Computing).

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