Queen's School of Computing

Overview of Graduate Courses

Note: For current timetable and instructor information, the Graduate Course Information page

Master's students following the research pattern may take any four graduate courses as long as these are approved by their supervisor and/or, the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Those following the project pattern degree must choose their courses according to the current distribution requirements. Graduate students taking a graduate course offered jointly with an advanced undergraduate course are expected to do the amount of work normally required to earn a credit in a graduate course. Graduate students in the School may include in their programs relevant courses from other departments such as Biology, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Psychology. The School currently offers the following courses:

Theory of Computation

CISC-862* - Cryptology and Data Security
CISC-865* - Introduction to Programming-Language Theory
CISC-868* - Computational Geometry
CISC-869* - Advanced Topics in Programming - Language Theory
CISC-870* - Topics in Theoretical Aspects of Computing
CISC-871* - Algorithmic Graph Theory
CISC-872* - Parallel Algorithms
CISC-876* - Computational Complexity
CISC-879* - Topics in Theoretical Aspects of Computing II

Computer Systems

CISC-825* - Paradigms of Wireless and Mobile Networking

CISC-833* - Operating Systems
CISC-834* - Topics in Computer Science
CISC-835* - Topics in Computer Systems
CISC-836* - Topics in Software Systems
CISC-837* - Networking Trafic and Resource Management
CISC-838* - Software Engineering
CISC-841* - Advanced Computer Architecture
CISC-842* - Parallel Languages and Architectures
CISC-845* - Requirements Specifications & Design
CISC-846* - Software Design and Implementation
CISC-847* - Software Verification and Validation
CISC-848* - Software Reliability and Security
CISC-853* - Computer-aided Verification of Software Systems
CISC-858* - Programming Language Processors
CISC-860* - Topics in Programming Languages
CISC-880* - Topics in Software Systems II

CISC-883* - Introduction to ultra large-scale software systems
CISC-877* - Topics in Information Systems II


CISC-832* - Data Base Management Systems
CISC-839* - Topics in Information Systems
CISC-850* - Topics in Computer Applications and Algorithms
CISC-852* - Computational Vision
CISC-854* - Computer Graphics
CISC-855* - Nonlinear Optimization
CISC-856* - Reinforcement Learning
CISC-857* - Image Processing
CISC-859* - Pattern Recognition

CISC-861* - Advanced Graphics

CISC-864* - Topics in Robotics and Perception
CISC-873* - Data Mining
CISC-874* - Foundations of Neural Networks
CISC-875* - Bioinformatics
CISC-878* - Topics in Computer Applications and Algorithms II
CISC-881* - Topics in Biomedical Computing I
CISC-882* - Topics in Biomedical Computing II

CISC-886* - Cloud Computing

CISC-888* - Advanced Research In Human Computer Interaction


CISC-885 - Professional development in ultra large-scale software systems

CISC-897 - Research Methods in Computer Science
CISC-898 - Master's Project
CISC-899 - Master's Thesis
CISC-999 - Ph.D. Thesis