Queen's School of Computing

Course Addition

CISC-500/6.0 (Undergraduate Thesis)

Final-year research project supervised by a faculty advisor in the School of Computing. Topics must be approved by April of the preceding winter term. Students must prepare a research proposal, give an oral presentation and submit a thesis.
Prerequisites: Level 4 and registered in a COMP Major or BMCO or COMA or CSCI Specialization Plan) and (an overall GPA of 1.90). Permission of the School of Computing.

Course Revisions

Prerequisites for CISC-486/3.0: PHYS-106/6.0 no longer required.

Changes to Degree Plans

BMCO, COGS, CSCI, COMP, COMA: 3.0 units from CISC-500/6.0 allowed in lieu of CISC/COGS-499/3.0.

COMA: Option lists 2.A.i to 2.A.v have become "suggested" areas of specialization. Students may now satisfy Requirement 2.A with any 12.0 units from a list of COMA_Options. Course MATH-312/3.0 has been dropped and replaced by a new course MATH-212/3.0.

COGS: PHIL-381/3.0 has been added to option list 2.A.ii.c.

Changes to Course Lists

CISC-500 (Undergraduate Thesis), MATH-413/3.0 (Introduction to Algebraic Geometry) and MATH-414/3.0 (Introduction to Galois Theory) have been added to COMA_Options.

March 17, 2015