Queen's School of Computing

Calendar and Timetable Changes in Computing


Program Changes

The BMCO (Biomedical Computing) program is being changed as follows:

  • the current requirement of BCHM-315* (Proteins and Enzymes) is replaced by "BIOL-334* [Comparative Biochemistry] (or BCHM-315*)";

  • courses CHEM-281*/282* (Organic Chemistry I/II) and PHGY-214 (Mammalian Physiology) are no longer required;

  • courses CISC-330* (Computer-Integrated Surgery) and a new course CISC-470* similar to Professor Shatkay's Algorithms and Machine Learning Methods in Computational Biology are to be added as core (required) courses;

  • addition of 1.0 option credit from CHEM-281*, CHEM-282*, PHGY-214 or any course at the 300 level or above in computing or the life sciences.

The COGS (Cognitive Science) program is being changed as follows: COGS 200 (cross-numbered with PSYC 220) is being replaced by two new half courses PSYC 221* (Cognitive Psychology) and COGS 201* (Cognition and Computation); PSYC 457* is being added to the list of option courses.

MATH 126 will be allowed as an alternative to MATH 111 and MATH 112* in the COCA (Computing and the Creative Arts) and the BA Minor programs.

Course Additions

The following new courses are being introduced: CISC 470* (Computational Biology I), COGS 201* (Cognition and Computation).

Course Changes

There are minor changes to the descriptions of CISC 121* and CISC 235*. The prerequisites for CISC 220*, CISC 221*, CISC 333*, CISC 454*, CISC 470*, and CISC 472* are being changed. The title of CISC 471* is changing to Computational Biology II.

Timetable Changes

Courses CISC 220* and CISC 340* will be offered in the Fall term and CISC 221* will be offered in the Winter.

The following courses will not be offered in 2010-11: CISC 330*, CISC 457*, CISC 462*, CISC 466*, COMP 329*.

The following course may not be offered in 2011-12: SOFT 423* (also known as CISC 423*). Students in third year of Software Design should try to take this course in 2010-11.

Program Deletions

All the BSCH medial programs (except Biochemistry and Computing) and the BAH Medial are being deleted. Students already registered will be allowed to complete their programs.