Queen's School of Computing

CISC 490 Topics in Computing Science

A topic for the winter term of the 2014-15 academic year is Mathematics of Information Technology.
In this digital age, it is becoming increasingly clear that fundamental mathematical theories and efficient computer science algorithms are finding new applications in technology. This course focuses on several dominant themes in this context. Topics to be covered include: coding theory and data compression, error correcting codes, public key cryptography, Markov chains and search engines, GPS and spherical geometry, fractals and image compression, and the DNA computer.
Prerequisites: (MATH-110/6.0 or MATH-111/6.0), MATH-120/6.0 or MATH-121/6.0), CISC-1**/3.0 or comparable courses and permission of the instructors (Ram Murty and Selim Akl).
Text: C. Rousseau and Y. St-Aubin: Mathematics and Technology, Springer, 2008.
Cross-numbered as MATH-437/837 (Topics in Applied Mathematics), and CISC-850 (Topics in Computer Applications and Algorithms I).
Successful completion of this course will satisfy the 400-level Theory of Computing requirement in the COMP-*-BCH and CSCI-*-BCH plans (3.0 units from CISC 422/3.0, CISC 462/3.0, CISC 465/3.0, CISC 466/3.0).