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Data analytics is a new way of understanding complex systems by building computational models that are consistent with the observed data about those systems. It is a critical component of the operation of businesses and governments, as well as an important research tool. Data analytics is used for applications such as understanding customers, making effective investment decisions, recommending shows on platforms like Netflix, detecting cyber-intrusions or financial fraud, and much more.

You’ll have no trouble finding a job after graduation in this area as it covers a wide spectrum of industries including:

  • Banking
  • Commerce and retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • Consumer market research

If you want to play a positive role in shaping the way people make important decisions based on the presentation of data, then this is the right program for you.

The Certificate in Data Analytics is meant for non-Computing students; Computing students should consider the Data Anayltics Focus in the Computing major or Computer Science Specialization.

Certificate Outline

A certificate is a mini-credential that appears on your official transcript and they typically consist of about 5 courses, which in most cases can be used as electives in a degree plan.

The Certificate in Data Analytics consists of five courses (15 units), four required, and one chosen from a growing list of options. You can take it as part of any Queen's degree.

Certificate programs equip you with a well-rounded education and they’re for anyone at any stage in their career or education. Completing a certificate program is a great way to set you apart from your competition when it comes to applying for jobs. Most candidates will have similar degrees but a certificate in a designated area of focus shows your commitment and passion to that area of interest. Imagine the excitement your future employer expresses when seeing that you have earned a Certificate in Data Analytics coupled with your degree.

  • CISC 251Data Analytics
  • STAT 263Introduction to Statistics
    or another Statistics course option (see calendar for complete list).
  • CISC 351Advanced Data Analytics
  • CISC 451Topics in Data Analytics
  • One of the following courses:
    • CISC 181Digital Societies
    • CISC 432Advanced Database Management Systems
    • STAT 269Statistics and Probability II
    • STAT 351Probability I
    • STAT 466Statistical Programming with SAS and Applications
    • BIOL 343Data Analysis for Biologists
    • PSYC 301Advanced Statistical Inference
    • SOCY 284Sociology of Information and Communication Technology
    • SOCY 309Surveillance and Society
    • EMPR 370Human Resource Analytics

More Info

For more information about certificates, including how to apply, see the Arts and Science page. More information about Data Analytics may be obtained by sending mail to undergrad@cs.queensu.ca.

For a complete degree in Data Analytics, check out the Data Analytics option of our Computing Major or our Computing, Mathematics and Analytics Specialization.