Queen's School of Computing

CISC 490 Section 2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fall 2015

This interdisciplinary course provides an overview of the essential steps involved in starting and running your own business. Students from science, engineering, business and the creative arts will work together in teams to develop a product concept to meet a defined customer need, then develop a business case that they will present and be evaluated on. External speakers drawn from local and regional start-up companies, government agencies, and business associations will not only cover the various aspects of the business plan (target market potential, competition, pricing, financial model, financing, marketing plan, operating plan, company structure, etc.) but will also share their start-up stories, and become mentors to the student teams. It is open to any fourth-year students who are highly motivated to start their own businesses.

Recognizing that companies with greater diversity are more successful, women and students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. This course features a positive, supportive environment where creativity, collaboration, and communication are key to success.