CISC 282/3.0 Fundamentals of Web Development

Original Author: Bob Tennent
Most Recent Author: Sarah-Jane Whittaker
Last Revised: 2019-03-20

Calendar Description
This course surveys current best practices for implementing attractive, usable, secure and maintainable web applications. Other issues considered include: accessibility, platform and browser independence, licensing of intellectual property, scalability, user privacy, and using web technologies in mobile development.

Learning Hours: 120 (36L; 48O; 36P)

Prerequisites Level 2 and C- in CISC 124/3.0.


  • Introduction and Overview (1 week)
  • HTML (2 weeks): block and inline elements, HTML5, the AODA
  • CSS (4 weeks): properties and values, selectors, inheritance, conflicts, the box model, accessibility, layout, floats, positioning, responsive design
  • JavaScript (2 weeks): syntax, events, DOM and handlers, jQuery
  • PHP (2 weeks): syntax, functions, embedding
  • Other topics (1 week): varying from year to year, e.g. AJAX