CISC 326/3.0 Game Architecture

Original Author: Nick Graham
Most Recent Author: David Lamb
Last Revised: 2019-03-20

Calendar Description

An introduction to software architectural design through the application domain of game development. Abstractions and patterns of interactions and relationships among modules. Design recovery. Relationship to requirements and testing.

Prerequisites: Registration in a School of Computing plan and C- in (CISC 203/3.0 and CISC 204/3.0 and CISC 223/3.0 and CISC 235/3.0).

Recommendation: CISC 226/3.0

Exclusion: No more than 3.0 units from CISC 322/3.0 and CISC 326/3.0.

Learning hours: 120 (36L; 24T; 36G; 24P)

Degree Planning

  • This course satisfies a requirement of the COMP degree plan.
  • This course is a direct prerequisite to:
    • CISC 486/3.0 (Game Development)
  • This course is a recommended prerequisite for:
    • CISC 496/3.0 (Game Development Project)

Possible Texts

  • Online readings and custom courseware.


  • Introduction (2 weeks): Software architects and architectures. Distinguishing features of game architecture.
  • Nonfunctional requirements and quality attributes (2 weeks)
  • Architectural styles (2 weeks)
  • Example architectures: Linux; a modern game engine (2 weeks)
  • Reflexion Models (2 weeks)
  • Design Patterns (2 weeks)