CISC 332/3.0 Database Management Systems

Original Author: Wendy Powley
Last Revised: November 06, 2006

Calendar Description

Data models: relational, entity-relationship. Relational query languages: relational algebra and SQL. Relational database design. Application interfaces and embedded SQL. Storage and indexing.

Prerequisites: CISC 124/3.0, 204/3.0.

Exclusion: COMM-392/3.0.


This introductory course on Database Management Systems provides students an opportunity to explore the phases of database development from database modeling techniques to database implementation and application development.

The course project provides hands-on experience in database and application development using a commercial-grade database management system. In addition to database development, students learn to formulate data access queries using Relational Algebra and SQL. A unit on database storage and indexing techniques provides some insight into database performance issues.

This course is a prerequisite to CISC-432/3.0 (Advanced Database Systems).

This course is required in BMCO.


Conceptual Design

In this unit, students are taught to interpret database requirements and to express these requirements using the Entity-Relationship model.

Relational Model

This unit introduces the Relational model, integrity constraints, views, and the data definition language (DDL). Students learn to translate an ER diagram to the Relational model.

Query Languages

Relational Algebra forms the foundation for query languages such as SQL. Students learn to express queries in both Relational Algebra and SQL.

Database Application Development

Students are introduced to the various methods of database application development. JDBC and Embedded SQL (using C) are explored in depth.

Storage and Indexing

This unit covers various file storage formats and indexing techniques such as clustered and unclustered B+ trees and hash indexes and identifies under what circumstance each technique is best used.

Possible Texts
  • Ramakrishnan, R. and Gehrke, J. Database Management Systems (3rd Edition), McGraw Hill, 2003.

  • Elmasri, R. and Navathe, S. Fundamentals of Database Systems, 5th Edition, Addison Wesley, 2006.

  • Date, C. J. An Introduction to Database Systems, 8th Edition. Addison Wesley, 2004.