CISC-340/3.0 Digital Systems

Original Author: Dave Dove
Last Revised: November 06, 2006

Calendar Description

Combinational circuits, sequential circuits, digital circuit design, micro-programming, bus structures, data communications, interface design, microprocessor systems.
Learning Hours: 120 (12L;24Lb;24G;60P)

Prerequisite: CISC-221/3.0


This course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of: digital electronics, circuit development techniques, design tools, basic computer circuits and computer architectures, microprocessor interfaces and communication techniques. After completing the course, the students should have an understanding of the technologies, components, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools used in digital systems design and the hardware design issues influencing system complexity, performance, and reliability.

This course is a prerequisite to CISC-441/3.0 (Advanced Computer Architecture) and recommended for CISC-435/3.0 (Computer Communications and Networks).

This course is required in CSCI and SODE.


Combinational Systems

Boolean algebra theorems, truth tables, Karnaugh maps. Generation of switching expressions. Implementation of switching expressions as digital logic networks.

Digital Logic Design Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools

CAD tools for design entry, simulation, synthesis, design management, such as the "Quartus" integrated design software by Altera Corp.

VHDL - A Hardware Description Language

VHDL Basics

Standard Combinational Modules

Gates, multiplexors, decoders, ALUs, buffers and transceivers. Example circuits relating to computer applications.

Programmable Logic: PALs, FPGAs

Architectures, benefits, CAD support.

Sequential Systems: flip-flops, registers, state machines

FF behaviour, state machine design, control applications in computers.

Register Transfer Level (RTL) design of complex sequential systems Communication Networks

The state of current computer bus structures and basics of serial network communication.

Emerging Technologies

Directions of technologies involved in digital electronics.

Possible Texts
  • Stephen Brown, Zvonko Vranesic: Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design, McGraw Hill 2000

  • John F. Wakerly: Digital Design Principles and Practices, Prentice Hall 2006

  • Ronald Tocci, Neal Widmer, Greg Moss: Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, Prentice Hall 2007

  • Allen Dewey: Analysis and Design of Digital Systems with VHDL, PWS Publishing Co. 1997