CISC 453/3.0 Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Original author: Jim Rodger
Last Revised: March 07, 2007

Calendar Description

Investigation of selected areas of artificial intelligence research. Possible topics include natural language understanding, computational perception, planning, learning, and neurocomputing.

Prerequisite: CISC 352/3.0.


This second course in Artificial Intelligence provides students an opportunity to explore a selection of the sub-disciplines and areas of specialization within the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Introduction to Planning
planning problems; state-space search; partial order planning; planning graphs; planning and propositional logic.

Planning and Acting
time, schedules & resources; hierarchical planning; non deterministic domains & conditional planning; replanning & continuous planning; multi agent planning.

Introduction to Uncertainty
acting under uncertainty; probability notation & axioms; inference; Bayes's rule.

Probabilistic Reasoning
Bayesian networks; representing conditional distributions; exact & approximate inference; probability & first-order representation; alternative approaches for uncertain reasoning; probabilistic reasoning over time; hidden Markov models; Kalman filters; dynamic Bayesian networks; speech recognition.

Decision Making
utility theory & functions; decision networks; decision-theoretic expert systems; sequential decision problems; value & policy iteration; decision-theoretic agents; game theory.

Machine Learning
clustering and unsupervised learning; classification; supervised and inductive learning; decision trees and other classification methods; computational learning theory; knowledge in learning; explanation-based learning; relevance information; inductive logic programming; statistical learning; complete data; hidden variables; reinforcement learning.

Natural Language
communication & language; formal grammar; parsing; augmented grammars; semantic interpretation; ambiguity & disambiguation; discourse understanding.

Possible Texts

  • Russell, S. and Norvig, P. Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach (Second Edition), Prentice Hall, 2003.

  • Winston, P. H. Artificial Intelligence (3rd Edition), Addison-Wesley, 1992.

  • Nilsson, N. Artificial Intelligence A New Synthesis, Morgan Kaufmann, 1998.