CISC 457/3.0 Image Processing and Computer Vision

Original Author: Purang Abolmaesumi
Last Revised: October 31, 2006

Calendar Description

Introduction to fundamental concepts and applications in image processing and computer vision. Topics include image acquisition, convolution, Discrete Fourier Transform, image enhancement, edge detection, segmentation, image registration, human contrast perception, colour perception and reproduction, stereo vision.

Prerequisites: Any first-year algebra course, any first-year calculus course, and CISC 124/3.0.


This course provides an introduction to computational approaches in image processing applications. This includes the study of areas such as techniques and algorithms for image enhancement and segmentation, image registration, color image processing, and computer vision.


A review of the image processing applications, image formation, elements of digital image processing systems.

Digital image fundamentals:
Image perception; sampling and quantization; basic relationships between pixels.

Image enhancement:
Point processing; spatial filtering; enhancement in the frequency domain; Fourier transform.

Image segmentation, representation and description:
Point, line and edge detection; segmentation by thresholding; region- based segmentation; image representation; chain codes; Fourier descriptors; moments; principal component analysis; introduction to image registration.

Color image processing:
Introduction to color models; pseudo-coloring; applying image segmentation techniques in color images.

Introduction to computer vision:
Basic camera model; epipolar images; stereo vision; disparity calculation.

Possible Texts

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  • "Digital Image Processing, Second edition", by R. Gonzalez and R. Woods, 2002, Prentice Hall

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