CISC 471/3.0 Computational Biology

Original Author: Parvin Mousavi
Last Revised: October 15, 2009

Calendar Description

Advanced computational approaches to the problems in molecular biology. Techniques and algorithms for sequence analysis and alignment; molecular databases; protein structure prediction and molecular data mining.
Prerequisites: CISC-271/3.0, CISC-352/3.0, (BCHM 218/3.0 or MBIO-218/3.0), (BIOL-334/3.0 or BCHM-315/3.0).
Learning Hours 120 (36L;84P)

This course is required in the Biomedical Computing (BMCO) program.


This course provides an introduction to computational approaches to the problems in molecular biology. This includes the study of areas such as techniques and algorithms for gene expression measurement, creation and analysis of networks from measured molecular data, molecular data mining, sequence analysis and alignment and protein structure prediction.


Review of concepts from Biology and Biochemistry

Quantitative measurement of molecular data

Biological Databases

Statistical analysis of Biological data

Clustering and Classification

Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks

Sequence Alignment

Protein Structure prediction

Possible Textbooks

No single textbook covers all the material relevant to this course.

  • Microarray Bioinformatics, D. Stekel, Cambridge 2003.

  • Bioinformatics, A practical guide to the analysis of genes and proteins, A.D. Baxevanis and B.F.F. Ouellette, Wiley Inter-science, 2001.

  • Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays, S. Draghici, CRC press, 2003.

  • The Elements of Statistical Learning, T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, J. Friedman, Springer 2001.

  • Machine Learning, T.M. Mitchell, McGraw-Hill, 1997.