CISC 498/6.0 Information Technology Project

Original Author: Juergen Dingel
Last Revised: Nov 07, 2011

Calendar Description

Topic selected under the supervision of a faculty member. Emphasis is on the application of software engineering techniques to the development of a substantial software system. Group work, oral presentation, participation in design and code review meetings, and delivery of complete software specification and design are required.
Prerequisites: Level 4 in a SODE plan, an overall GPA of 1.90, a GPA of 2.60 in 30.0 units of CISC, and (CISC 322/3.0 or CISC 326/3.0) and (CISC 325/3.0 or CISC 327/3.0 or SOFT 325/3.0 or SOFT 327/3.0)

Exclusion: No more than 6.0 units from CISC 498/6.0; CISC 499/3.0.


Fall and Winter terms: The course coordinator solicits project proposals from the Queen's community and posts them on the course web page at the beginning of the fall term. Students form groups, select projects, implement code necessary for completion of the project and create and present typical software development deliverables such as a requirements document, external and internal design documents, a software quality assurance plan, a deployment plan, and a final project documentation and presentation. The work is distributed evenly over the two terms. Students will meet at the beginning of the fall term and for the presentation of the deliverables (about 4 times per term).