CISC 499/3.0 Advanced Undergraduate Project

Original Author: Bob Crawford
Last Revised: Nov 07, 2011

Calendar Description

Topic selected under the supervision of a faculty member. Emphasis may be on the development of a large program, or on more theoretical issues. Independent research, an oral presentation, and a written report are required.

Prerequisites: Level 4 and (registered in a COMP Major or BMCO or CSCI Specialization Plan) and (an overall GPA of 1.90) and (a GPA of 2.60 from 30.0 units in CISC) and CISC 365/3.0.

Exclusion: No more than 6.0 units from CISC 498/6.0; CISC 499/3.0.

Course Format

This course is offered in the Winter Term. However, some preliminary work is required during the preceding Fall Term.

Fall Term: Faculty members submit project descriptions that are posted on the course web site. By the middle of fall term, students review the projects, determine which ones are of interest, and contact the faculty members offering those projects. Each student signs a contract with one supervisor. Students submit a project proposal which is an expanded definition of the project and includes a schedule for completion of the work.

Winter Term: One class is held during the first week of January. Students meet regularly with their supervisor throughout the term, complete the work, make a presentation and submit a written report.