Queen's School of Computing

Business-Oriented Courses for Computing Students

All students in Arts and Science are allowed to take up to 6.0 elective units of COMM courses; the following courses are open to all Arts and Science students:
COMM 200/3.0 Introduction to Business
COMM 211/3.0 Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMM 212/3.0 Introduction to Management Accounting
COMM 221/3.0 Introduction to Finance
COMM 231/3.0 Introduction to Marketing
COMM 251/3.0 Organizational Behaviour

It is possible to get a Certificate in Business for taking six of these courses, as long as only two of them are elective credits. Please contact your advisor for details.

The following upper-year Management Information Systems courses not normally open to Arts and Science students may be taken by Computing students:

COMM 395/3.0 IS Strategy
COMM 492/3.0 Managing Data for Business Intelligence
provided they have taken at least COMM 200/3.0; these will be included toward the 6.0 unit cap.

Other courses which may be of interest:

ECON 110/6.0 Principles of Economics
APSC 221/3.0 Economics and Business Practice in Engineering
CISC 333/3.0 Introduction to Data Mining