Queen's School of Computing

Questions About CIPS Accreditation and Certification

What is CIPS?

CIPS is an acronym for the Canadian Information Processing Society, which is the Canadian professional association for Information Technology. Two of its most important roles are to certify the professional competence of individuals working in information technology and to accredit academic programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and other areas of information technology.

Which of the programs in the School of Computing are accredited?

The Software Design (SODE) SSP is accredited by CIPS as both a Computer Science and a Software Engineering program; the Computer Science (CSCI) SSP is accredited by CIPS as a Computer Science program. There are lists of all CIPS-accredited programs in Canada here.

Why should I graduate from an accredited program?

One of the most important reasons to graduate from a CIPS-accredited program is that you will be able to apply for certification as an Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) after only two years of professional experience (instead of four). Such certification might be required for you to be eligible for certain positions or tasks.

Are there other certifications I can get?

CIPS also has an Associate Information Technology Professional (AITP) designation any graduate from a Computing degree can get, although it is easier if you have an accredited degree.