Queen's School of Computing

Questions about MATH and STATS Courses Required for Computing Degrees

I took algebra in High School. Do I really need to take more algebra?

Yes (for programs that require a 1st-year course in Linear Algebra).

How should I choose among taking MATH-110/6.0 or MATH-111/6.0 or MATH-112/3.0? How should I choose among taking MATH-120/6.0 or MATH-121/6.0 or MATH-126/6.0?

Most Computing students take MATH-111/6.0 and MATH-121/6.0 (in addition to CISC-102/3.0 and CISC-121/3.0) in 1st year.

MATH-110/6.0 and MATH-120/6.0 are more challenging than MATH-111/60 or MATH-121/6.0; we recommend them only for students who are considering doing Computing and Math (COMA) or a concentration in MATH, or who really like mathematics. If you take MATH-110/6.0, you don't need to take CISC-102/3.0.

MATH-126/6.0 is for students who didn't do 4U Math (or equivalent) in high school.

MATH-112/3.0 is an abbreviated version of MATH-111/6.0 for Computing majors; the Math department considers this plus MATH-212/3.0 together to be equivalent to MATH-111/6.0. Only take this if you're strong in Math (or if you're aiming for Biomedical Computing and can't fit MATH-111/6.0 into your schedule).

Do I have to take STAT-263/3.0, or can some other statistics course be substituted?

The Calendar now allows a list called STAT_Options in most Computing plans. Any university-level course whose main topic is statistics can be substituted for STAT-263/3.0 in the Computing programs that require STAT-263/3.0, except COMA. These courses are automatically allowed in SOLUS as of July 2018. Any of the following, listed in the calendar description for STAT-263/3.0 as exclusions, are okay: BIOL 243/3.0, CHEE 209/3.0, COMM 162/3.0, ECON 250/3.0, GPHY 247/3.0, NURS 323/3.0, PHED 251/3.0, POLS 385/3.0, PSYC 202/3.0, SOCY 211/3.0, STAT 261/3.0, 264/3.0, 267/3.0, 367/3.0.