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Queen's School of Computing
  • 2015 School of Computing Awards

    2015 School of Computing Awards

    Congratulations to this year's recipients!

  • Creative Computing: April 1, 2015

    Creative Computing

    On April 1st, our undergraduate and graduate courses demonstrated their creativity in a School-wide celebration of Creative Computing.

  • 2015 Invitational High School Programming Contest

    2015 Invitational High School Programming Contest

    Congratulations, St. Theresa Secondary School Team 1!

  • 2015 March Break Open House - March 21

    March Break
    Open House

    Sign up now! Join us on March 21st to find out more about your community-to-be.

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    Undergraduate Studies in Computing

    From Biomedical Computing to Computing and the Creative Arts, the Queen's School of Computing has something for everyone.

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    Graduate Research

    The breadth and depth of our award-winning research speaks for itself. Join our team of researchers and make a difference in the world.

Sum Ergo Computo

The motto speaks at different levels. At one level, it expresses our identity. The motto says that we are Computer Scientists. Computing is what we do. Our professional reason for being is the theory and practice of Computing.

At a deeper level the motto asserts that "Being is Computing". Computing permeates the Universe and drives it: Every atom, every molecule, every cell, everything, everywhere, at every moment, is performing a computation. To be is to compute.

Dr. Selim G. Akl
Professor and Director

25 Union St. Goodwin Hall, Kingston ON K7L 2N8 613-533-6050
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