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Welcome to the Queen's University Biomedical Computing Program. The future of medicine is here, in Canada's first and only specialized program in computational biology and medical informatics.


Biomedical computing combines the diagnostic and investigative aspects of biology and medical science with the sheer power and problem-solving capabilities of modern computing. In this new rapidly-evolving discipline, computers are used to accelerate research learning, simulate patient behaviour and visualize complex biological models. They shorten the cycles for medical research, just as they extend its boundaries.

Biomedical computing goes far beyond simply bringing computers into the lab. At its root, it represents the integration of a new way of thinking, light-speed logic, into the traditional practise of medicine and life science.


Modern biomedical computing is rooted in a broad range of application areas. Imaging needs from microscopy to mammography have motivated and relied on advances in imaging science. Medical data storage and access systems benefit from the study of information retrieval. Algorithms and software development are of key importance in areas such as genome sequence analysis and acquisition, which also depend on techniques from statistics and artificial intelligence.


As well as receiving a broad scientific education and a deep understanding of computational science, students in the program will be greatly in demand in companies that carry out drug design, biotechnology, medical image interpretation, bioinformatics, etc. Graduates of the program will also have the core skills to enter traditional employment in computer companies as well as medical laboratories. They will be ideally suited for graduate studies, medical school or research and development in computational biology or medical computing.

How to get started

Apply at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QD (Queen's University, Computing).

More information may be obtained by sending mail to undergraduate-inquiries@cs.queensu.ca,
or by contacting the Biomedical Computing advisors:

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