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Queen's School of Computing

Cognitive Science at Queen's University

The most significant unanswered question in science today is how human beings are able to be intelligent and aware. Many different scientific disciplines address this question from quite different perspectives. Over the past 25 years, Cognitive Science has emerged as a new scientific discipline which has the goal of integrating the results and efforts in the study of human cognition.

Human brain
  • In Cognitive Psychology we ask questions about human memory, learning, perception, and problem solving.
  • In Neuroscience we ask questions about the structure and function of the human brain, and how it enables intelligent behaviour.
  • In Linguistics we ask questions about how to characterize language, and how language use relates to human intelligence.
  • In Artificial Intelligence we ask questions about how to model cognition with computers, and how to develop intelligent computer systems and robots.
  • In Philosophy we ask questions about what it means to possess knowledge, to be conscious, and whether a machine might ever possess consciousness.
  • Cognitive Science addresses the common aspects of these questions, and seeks to integrate the approaches and results.

The Cognitive Science Program is an Honours Subject of Specialization degree program, which specifies courses from a variety of disciplines including School of Computing, Psychology, Linguistics, and Philosophy. Over 60% of the graduates from the Queen's Cognitive Science Program have gone on to Ph.D. studies.

How to get started

Apply at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QD (Queen's University, Computing).

For more information, please see the Contact page.