Queen's School of Computing

Why Cognitive Science?

We asked some current Queen's students why they chose to study Cognitive Science. Here's what they said...

"...cognitive science seems to be the greatest compromise between psychology, computing and philosophy. I like the flexibility that such a multidisciplinary subject can offer.

...the most stimulating aspect of cognitive science is that it is such a new science. It is exciting to think that in the future I can be part of a collective effort to reach a greater understanding of intelligence, hence a greater understanding of humanity."

- Yasmina Sekkat

"I was so astonished to discover that the scientific community was actually concerned with the phenomenon of consciousness that, from that point on, I did my utmost to skew every major independent project to the ends of studying consciousness, cognition and artificial intelligence. It seemed as though the more I read, the more engrossed I became in the field.

This year and in the years to come, I invite the challenges and the rewards of studying the science that has captured my interest and my imagination."

- Sheila Dillon-Leitch

"I have chosen Cognitive Science as my major mainly due to a Canadian author called William Gibson. Gibson's demonstration of intelligent computer systems has developed an entire culture that I have been absorbed in to."

- Brad Swerdfeger

"...I've always had a fascination in the aspects of the mind, as well as a general fascination in computers as well. Cognitive science seemed to take those two things and mold them together..."

- Derek Oei

"The human brain is still a mystery to man, and this is what intrigued me."

- Brendan Johns

"It is so interesting to think about how people think and behave, and whether we can ever replicate those processes with a machine. It is exciting to be learning about a field that is so new and full of possibilities."

- Anna Krangle-Long

"I am interested in reverse-engineering the mind."

- Evan DeCorte

Why Cognitive Science?