Queen's School of Computing
Medial Programs

Multidisciplinary Medial Programs in Computing

As computing science and technology matures, the original dream of automation in our everyday lives is rapidly becoming a reality, and in response the nature of computing studies broadens to prepare for understanding the role of computing in more and newer areas of application. This increasingly multidisciplinary focus transcends the boundaries between the arts and sciences.

The medial programs offered by the School are intended to support this future by fostering better and broader interaction across the boundaries between computing and the whole range of other arts and sciences. Graduates of the medial programs are among the most sought after upon graduation, having had opportunities available beyond those offered to graduates of any one area of study.

The medial programs offered by the School of Computing allow students to combine their study of computing with the study of many other subjects.

Popular medial programs include:

Biochemistry and Computing
Computing and Philosophy
Computing and Economics
Computing and English
Computing and Music

Medial programs allow you to follow more of your interests and to design a program that best suits your own needs.