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Queen's School of Computing

Software Design - The Program

Software Design is a 120-unit plan. Full year courses (indicated by /6.0) count as 6.0 units and half-year courses count as 3.0 units. See the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar for complete details.
CISC-121 Introduction to Computing Science I
CISC-124 Introduction to Computing Science II
MATH-111/6.0   Linear Algebra
MATH-121/6.0 Differential and Integral Calculus
CISC-203 Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science
CISC-204 Logic for Computing Science
CISC-220 System-Level Programming
CISC-221 Computer Architecture
CISC-223 Software Specifications
CISC-235 Information Structures
CISC-260 Programming Paradigms
STAT-263 Introduction to Statistics
CISC-271 Scientific Computing
CISC-340 Digital Systems
CISC-322 Software Architecture
CISC-326 Game Architecture
CISC-324 Operating Systems
CISC-325 Human-Computer Interaction
CISC-327 Software Quality Assurance
CISC-365 Algorithms I
CISC-422 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CISC-423 Software Requirements NOTE: This course is offered every other year.
CISC-497 Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing
CISC-498/6.0 Information Technology Project
CISC-486 Game Engine Development   AND
CISC-496 Game Project
Two of the following Applications courses:
  CISC-226 Game Design
  CISC-271 Scientific Computing
  CISC-332 Database Management Systems
  CISC-333 Data Mining
  CISC-340 Digital Systems
  CISC-352 Artificial Intelligence
  CISC-425 Advanced User Interface Design
  CISC-426 Real-Time Systems
  CISC-432 Advanced Database Systems
  CISC-434 Distributed Systems
  CISC-435 Computer Communications and Networks
  CISC-437 Performance Analysis
  CISC-441 Advanced Computer Architecture
  CISC-452 Neural and Genetic Computing
  CISC-453 Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  CISC-454 Computer Graphics
  CISC-458 Programming Language Processors
  CISC-486 Game Engine Development
  ELEC-470 Computer System Architecture
  ELEC-471 Computer Networks I
  ELEC-476 System Simulation
  ELEC-478 Computer Networks II
with at least one at the 400 level or above
One of
 • WRIT-175 Effective Writing II
 • PHIL-259 Critical Thinking
One of
 • COMM-200 Introduction to Business
 • COMM-244 Project Management and Economics
 • APSC-221 Economics and Business Practices in Engineering
21.0 units in areas other than computing or math/statistics,
including 3.0 units from the humanities, languages, or social sciences.
12.0 elective units.