Queen's School of Computing


David Skillicorn is a Professor currently working in the School of Computing for Queens University. He also works as an Adjunct Professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science department of the Royal Military College.


  • Best Paper Award
    "Contextualized Semantic Analysis of Web Services" - S. Grant, D. Martin, J. R. Cordy, D. B. Skillicorn
    13th IEEE International Symposium on Web Services Evolution, Williamsburg, USA
  • Technical Achievement Award "For outstanding and Sustained Technical Contributions to the Field of Intelligence and Security Informatics"
    David Skillicorn
    IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society
  • Best Paper Award (Honorable Mention)
    "Subverting Prediction in Adversarial Settings" - J. Dutrisac and D.B. Skillicorn
    IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics 2008, June 2008. Taiwtlft, 19-24
  • Best Paper Award (Second Place)
    "Streaming Random Forests" - H. Abdulsalem, D. Skillicorn and P. Martin
    IEEE Joint Workshop on Multimedia Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Waterloo, Oct 2007