Queen's School of Computing


Dr. Akl is Editor in Chief of Parallel Processing Letters (World Scientific Publishing, since 2006, and previously a Regional Editor of the same journal, 1991 - 2006), an Editorial Board Member of Computational Geometry (Elsevier; 1993 -), International Journal of Parallel, Emergent, and Distributed Systems (Taylor and Francis; 2004 -), International Journal of Unconventional Computing (Old City Publishing; 2011 -), and Communications in Applied Geometry (Research India Publications; 2006 -), an Area Editor (Unconventional Computation) of Scalable Computing and Communications (Springer; 2012 - ) a Founding Editorial Board Member of International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking (Inderscience Publishers; 2003 -), and a past editor of Journal of Cryptology (Springer-Verlag; 1988 - 1991), Information Processing Letters (North-Holland; 1989 - 1999), and Parallel Algorithms and Applications (Taylor and Francis; 1991 - 2004).