Queen's School of Computing

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The Graduate Timetable for Winter 2017 is now available as a PDF.

Fall 2016

Course CodeTitle (and Course Web Site)Category*Instructor
CISC832/432Database Management SystemsA,SPat Martin
CISC835/422Formal Methods in Software EngineeringS,TJuergen Dingel
CISC872Parallel AlgorithmsTSelim Akl
CISC874/CMPE452Neural NetworksAFarhana Zulkernine
CISC879Natural ComputingTSelim Akl
CISC880Mining Software Engineering DataA,SAhmed Hassan
CISC883Introduction to Ultra Large-scale Software Systems (CREATE ULSS students only)SCor-Paul Bezemer
CISC897Research Methods in Computer ScienceOSharief Oteafy
ELEC843Control of Discrete-Event SystemsKaren Rudie
ELEC876Software ReengineeringJenny Zou

*Categories: A → Applications; S → Systems; T → Theory; O → Other

Winter 2017

Course CodeTitle (and Course Web Site)Category*Instructor
CISC825Paradigms of Wireless and Mobile NetworksSHossam Hassanein
CISC836Models In Software Development: Methods, Techniques, and ToolsS,TJuergen Dingel
CISC854/454Advanced GraphicsAJames Stewart
CISC858/458Programming Language ProcessorsSJim Cordy
CISC870/490AFuzzy LogicTRobin Dawes
CISC875Applied Biomedical ComputingAQingling Duan
CISC877Developing Digital GamesA,SNick Graham
CISC881Continuous Coordinate TransformationsARandy Ellis
CISC885Professional Development in Ultra Large-Scale Software Systems (CREATE ULSS students only)ODenise Stockley
CISC888Advanced Research in Human-Computer InteractionARoel Vertegaal
ELEC875Design Recovery and Automated EvolutionSTom Dean
NSCI850Computational Approaches to NeuroscienceGunnar Blohm

*Categories: A → Applications; S → Systems; T → Theory; O → Other