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Queen's School of Computing

Undergraduate Courses

The following undergraduate courses in the School of Computing are currently listed in the Arts & Science or Applied Science calendars (or are approved new courses). The right column lists the terms (Spring/Summer (S) or Fall (F) and/or Winter (W)) in which the courses are offered for the 2015-2016 academic year. "NO" means a course will not be offered in 2015-16.

Course Code
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course description)
Course Title
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in 2015-16
CISC P81 Computers: Applications and Implications F/W
CISC 101 Elements of Computing Science S/F/W
CISC 102 Discrete Mathematics for Computing I F
CISC 110 Elementary Computer Animation F
CISC 121 Introduction to Computing Science I S/F/W
CISC 124 Introduction to Computing Science II F/W
COCA 201 Introduction to Computing and the Creative Arts W
CISC 203 Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science F
CISC/CMPE 204 Logic for Computing Science W
CISC 220 System-Level Programming F
CISC 221 Computer Architecture W
CISC/CMPE 223 Software Specifications W
CMPE 224 Computing for Engineers
(Applied Science only)
CISC 226 Game Design W
CISC 235 Data Structures W
CISC 260 Programming Paradigms W
CISC/CMPE 271 Scientific Computing W
CISC 282 Fundamentals of Web and Mobile Applications F
CISC/CMPE 320 Fundamentals of Software Development F
CISC/CMPE 322 Software Architecture W
CMPE 323 Introduction to Software Engineering
(Applied Science only)
CISC/CMPE 324 Operating Systems W
CISC/CMPE 325 Human-Computer Interaction F
CISC 326 Game Architecture F
CISC/CMPE 327 Software Quality Assurance F
COMP 329 Introduction to Computer-Integrated Surgery F
CISC/CMPE 330 Computer-Integrated Surgery F
CISC/CMPE 332 Database Management Systems W
CISC/CMPE 333 Introduction to Data Mining F
CISC 340 Digital Systems F
CISC 352 Artificial Intelligence F
CISC 365 Algorithms I F
CISC 422 Formal Methods in Software Engineering F
CISC/SOFT-423 Software Requirements
Offered every other year.
CISC/CMPE 425 Advanced User Interface Design W
CISC/SOFT-426 Real-Time Systems NO
CISC/CMPE 432 Advanced Database Systems F
CISC/CMPE 434 Distributed Systems F
CISC 435 Computer Networks F
CISC/SOFT-437 Performance Analysis NO
CISC/CMPE 452 Neural and Genetic Computing F
CISC 453 Topics in Artificial Intelligence NO
CISC/CMPE 454 Computer Graphics W
CISC/CMPE 457 Image Processing and Computer Vision F
CISC/CMPE 458 Programming Language Processors W
CISC 462 Computability and Complexity F
CISC 465 Foundations of Programming Languages NO
CISC 466 Algorithms II F
CISC/CMPE 471 Computational Biology W
CISC/CMPE 472 Medical Informatics W
CISC 481 Syntax Systems for Natural Language NO
CISC 486 Game Engine Development F
CISC 490 Deep Analytics Using Watson F
CISC 490 Fuzzy Theory and Fuzzy Algorithms W
CISC 490 Advanced Networks W
CISC 496 Game Development Project W
CISC 497 Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing F
CISC 498/6.0 Information Technology Project FW
CISC 499 Advanced Undergraduate Project W
CISC 500/6.0 Undergraduate Thesis FW
COGS 100 Introduction to Cognitive Science F
COGS 201 Cognition and Computation W
COGS 300 Programming Cognitive Models W
COGS 400 Neural and Genetic Computing F
COGS 499 Advanced Undergraduate Project W