Queen's School of Computing

Queen's School of Computing Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Queen's School of Computing Undergraduate Research Fellowship (QSC URF) is a new undergraduate research award that will support summer undergraduate research for QSC undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

The QSC URF application, deadlines and internal adjudication will be incorporated into the NSERC USRA process. Students who apply for the NSERC USRA will automatically be considered for the QSC URF. However, where the NSERC USRA is typically awarded to undergraduates finishing their third year, the QSC URF will be open to all of our undergraduates.

The value of the QSC URF is $3,000 that the supervisor will match in order to make the student's funding equivalent to an NSERC USRA. The term of the QSC URF for 2019 is May 6 - August 23.

The Queen's School of Computing has a stellar track record in fostering student inquiry through undergraduate research and many of our students take their work to the world stage. The QSC URF will enable more undergraduates to participate in this illustrious tradition.