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Art makes us human. It also defines the human-computer interface. Work in gaming, electronic arts and interaction design influences the way billions of people live their lives, do business, and experience culture.

Artists' thoughts and ideas on technology, society and innovation have always been years ahead of their time. Computing and the Creative Arts leverages this lead by educating you to be a modern Renaissance thinker, giving you a real head start when thinking about problems in interactive modern computing, answering questions such as: how to build computers as tools for creativity?

Coca is an exciting new multi-disciplinary program for students interested in both Computing and the Arts. You'll learn how to direct, develop and use cutting-edge computer software programs for Music, Art, Drama, and Film production. As part of this offering, you will acquire the technical expertise to design and develop new applications and take full advantage of future trends in digital technology. You'll get the theoretical and historical background necessary to make critical judgements about new approaches to artistic expression and practical knowledge of the challenges faced by creative artists in a digital age.


Students who follow this program will find careers in the video-game and entertainment industries, art galleries, museums, and multimedia design and production, but also in more traditional computer industries as these increasingly adopt multimedia user interface design. Companies like Apple and Electronic Arts have always focused their hiring on electronic artists, just because they often happen to be the most well-rounded coders as well! There is no lack of jobs for students following these programs, which include: 3D Game Developer; New Media Artist; Sound Designer; Art Management; 3D Animator; Computer Graphics Designer; Web Developer; Interaction Designer; Human Factors.

How to get started with COCA?

Apply at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QA (Queen's University, Arts).

More information may be obtained by sending mail to or

Or by contacting R. Vertegaal, Goodwin Hall, Room 634, 533-3070

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