Queen's School of Computing
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A potent combination of Computer Science and Mathematics as it relates to research in Computing


The plan is primarily intended for students aiming at graduate work in the theory of Computing or in an applied area of Computing requiring significant mathematical expertise, such as communications, optimization, security, or biomedical computing. The plan will give such students a solid Computing background and a good foundation in Mathematics relevant to Computing, and provides a suitable balance between research-oriented Computing and relevant pure and applied Mathematics.

Careers and Opportunities

The primary objective of the program is to prepare students aiming for graduate work in Computing with solid foundations in Computing and in Mathematics relevant to Computing. Another career path would be to the software industry; graduates of Computing programs are currently in great demand. The mathematical knowledge gained through this program will provide a significant advantage in competing for research-oriented positions in high-tech industries. Finally, given the demand for teachers in both Computing and Mathematics, Computing and Mathematics may be of interest to those considering Concurrent Education at Queen's.

How to get started

Apply at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QD (Queen's University, Computing) or QG (Queen's University, Concurrent Education with Computing).

More information may be obtained by sending mail to

Or by contacting D. Rappaport, Goodwin Hall, Room 532, 613-533-6055

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