Queen's School of Computing

The following plan is intended for students aiming at graduate work in the theory of Computing or in an applied area of Computing that requires significant mathematical expertise, such as communications, optimization, security, or biomedical computing.


You start by applying at the Ontario Universities Application Centre using the program code QD (Queen's University, Computing) and getting admitted to the Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at Queen's.

Computing and Mathematics – Specialization (Computing) – Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

COMA-P-BCH or COMA-I-BCH (with internship)

This plan is administered by the School of Computing and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It consists of 84.0 units as described below.

The plan, with sufficient electives to total 120.0 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) Degree.

CORE COURSES (72.0 units)


Mathematics and Statistics

OPTION COURSES (12.0 units)

12.0 units from the following sets of courses, preferably concentrated in one of the following lists:
  1. Communications and Coding
    MATH-401/3.0; MATH-406/3.0; MATH-418/3.0; MATH-474/3.0; MATH-477/3.0
  2. Data Analysis
    CISC-333/3.0; STAT-361/3.0; STAT-462/3.0; STAT-463/3.0; STAT-464/3.0; STAT-471/3.0; STAT-486/3.0
  3. Theory in Computer Science
    MATH-401/3.0; MATH-402/3.0; MATH-418/3.0; CISC-462/3.0; CISC-465/3.0
  4. Discrete Math and Optimization
    MATH-337/3.0, MATH-401/3.0, MATH-402/3.0, CISC-466/3.0
  5. Biomathematics and Biomedical Computing
    BIOM-300/3.0; CISC-333/3.0; MATH-339/3.0; CISC-330/3.0; CISC-457/3.0; CISC-472/3.0