Queen's School of Computing

The precise requirements for degree plans are listed in the Arts and Science Calendar. In case of discrepancies, the calendar should be considered as the official definition of the Computing degree plans.

In general, a degree plan in the Faculty of Arts and Science consists of required (or core) courses, options, and electives. Electives can be any course in the Arts and Science Calendar. Special permission is needed for an Arts and Science student to take courses from other faculties (Applied Science, Business, etc) as electives, unless those courses are already listed in the Arts and Science Calendar. A student in fourth year with a first class average may apply to take a CISC graduate course in place of a 400 level CISC course. The student must obtain approval from the department and from the course instructor. If the student later enters a graduate CISC program at Queen's, this course can not count toward the graduate degree.

Computing and Mathematics – Specialization (Computing) –
Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

COMA-P-BCH or COMA-I-BCH (with internship)

This plan is administered by the School of Computing and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Computing and Mathematics is a 120-unit plan. Full year courses (indicated by /6.0) count as 6.0 units and half-year courses count as 3.0 units. See the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar for complete details.

CORE COURSES (72.0 units)


Mathematics and Statistics

OPTION COURSES (12.0 units)

12.0 units from the following sets of courses, preferably concentrated in one of the following lists:
  1. Communications and Coding
    MATH-401/3.0; MATH-406/3.0; MATH-418/3.0; MATH-474/3.0; MATH-477/3.0
  2. Data Analysis
    CISC-333/3.0; STAT-361/3.0; STAT-462/3.0; STAT-463/3.0; STAT-464/3.0; STAT-471/3.0; STAT-486/3.0
  3. Theory in Computer Science
    MATH-401/3.0; MATH-402/3.0; MATH-418/3.0; CISC-462/3.0; CISC-465/3.0
  4. Discrete Math and Optimization
    MATH-337/3.0, MATH-401/3.0, MATH-402/3.0, CISC-466/3.0
  5. Biomathematics and Biomedical Computing
    BIOM-300/3.0; CISC-333/3.0; MATH-339/3.0; CISC-330/3.0; CISC-457/3.0; CISC-472/3.0