Queen's School of Computing
You can join the School of Computing in a few simple steps:
  1. Review our research groups and faculty members.
  2. Check our admissions requirements.
  3. Apply on-line by January 15. This deadline is flexible for Canadian applicants. The application is done on a separate site managed by the School of Graduate Studies.
  4. Contact a potential supervisor and tell them of your application.
  5. Offers are normally made between February and June.

Prospective Graduate students are encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions or to contact graduate-inquiries@cs.queensu.ca for further information about our programs. Information is available for research groups within the School of Computing and graduate students (email gcs@cs.queensu.ca ) are available to answer questions about their labs.

The academic year begins in September, so this is the normal date for admission to all graduate programs. Admission for January or May is possible for Ph.D. applicants.