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Research Area

Software Engineering

Software Engineering (SE) is the branch of computer science that deals with the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex computer programs, emphasizing the entire software development process from initial idea to final product. The SE process encompasses several stages: from understanding end-user requirements to analyzing the financial, technical and operational aspects of software development, to creating a blueprint for the software, to coding, testing, installing, and maintaining it. Software engineering makes complex systems – from medical devices to the air traffic control network to nuclear power plants – operate effectively, safely, and reliably.


  • Research Interests:
    • release engineering
    • devops
    • software analytics
    • human affect in software engineering
  • Research Interests:
    • software engineering
    • software modeling
    • software analysis
    • model-driven engineering
    • software quality assurance
    • formal specification and verification
  • Research Interests:
    • programming languages
    • logic
    • type systems
    • verification
    • incremental computation
  • Research Interests:
    • video game development
    • human-computer interaction
    • accessibility 
  • Research Interests:
    • software systems
    • software engineering
    • data analytics
  • Research Interests:
  • Research Interests:
    • Software engineering
    • Applied machine learning
    • Recommender systems
    • Deep learning
    • Mining software repositories
  • Research Interests:
    • Cyber-Physical System (IoT and Vehicle) Security
    • Software Reliability
    • Security Engineering
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