Questions about Getting Exceptions to Queen's Regulations

I want to satisfy my Computing degree requirements in some non-standard way (for example, course substitutions or exemptions). How I do to get permission?

Send an e-mail to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies with the following information:

Calendar descriptions of all Computing plans are available here. If you're not currently active in the plan, the exception cannot be approved.

If the requirement is one of the "writing" requirements for SODE (2.A.i.f or 2.A.ii.f), you must also send the marking scheme for the course. The course content is irrelevant, but at least 50% of the final grade must be based on essays.

If the Chair approves and you have already taken (or at least registered for) the course(s), he or she will send Arts and Science an e-mail memo, with a copy to you; the exception will then be recorded in your Advisement Report. If you haven't yet registered for the course(s) in question, an exception can't be made immediately but you'll be sent an e-mail message which you should keep and send back to the Undergrad Chair when you've registered for the course(s).

What does it mean when a CISC course is "full"? How do I petition to get in anyway?

Enrolment is limited in some courses due to special conditions, such as limited laboratory resources or classroom size. If you are not admitted to a course, the instructor may be willing to place your name on a waiting list.

There are no enrolment limits on core CISC courses, provided a classroom large enough is available.

Can I drop a course after the official drop date?

The School of Computing cannot authorise late withdrawal from courses. You can appeal to the Associate Dean of Studies for permission to drop the course. Contact the Arts and Science Office for more information. Your professor may be willing to write a supporting letter.

Can I take two courses that meet at the same time?

SOLUS will normally prevent this. In some circumstances we will make an exception if you have the permission of both instructors.

Is it possible to complete the last year of an honours program at another university? I have personal reasons for wanting to do this.

Queen's has quite a strong policy that the last year of an Honours program should be completed at Queen's. We know of only one exception since the late 1990s.