Queen's School of Computing

Dear prospective student,

The School of Computing at Queen's University offers undergraduate programs of exceptional quality, diversity, innovation and reach. This is my invitation to you to come to the Queen's School of Computing for an undergraduate education that is second to none.

Innovative programs

The School's flagship Computer Science program provides the fundamental principles underlying all of Computing. In addition, our students can choose from a variety of specialized and multidisciplinary programs, including:

  1. Biomedical Computing: Brings together the power of today's computing with the most advanced investigative techniques of the life sciences.
  2. Cognitive Science: An interdisciplinary field of study that draws from such areas as psychology, computer science, philosophy, linguistics and neuroscience.
  3. Software Design: A program for those destined to carry the capabilities of computer systems beyond the current limits and into the future.
  4. Computing and the Creative Arts: An opportunity to study Computing along with Art, Drama, Film and Media, or Music.
  5. Computing and Mathematics: Our newest program gives students a potent combination of Computer Science and Mathematics as it relates to research in Computing.

Unique courses

A student in first or second year may take one or more of the following introductory courses:

  1. Computer Animation
  2. Computer-Assisted Surgery
  3. Computing and the Creative Arts
  4. Elements of Computer Science
  5. Game Design.


Queen's internship option is not a typical co-op program. Instead of interrupting studies with several short work terms, QUIP offers 12-to 16-month placements after second or third year that give students more time to experience the workplace and establish strong contacts. Employers are more willing to invest in training and supervision with a longer work term, and students often have the opportunity to manage significant projects.

Opportunities to do research

Several research projects are being conducted at the School, in which our undergraduates can participate. There are many ways to get involved in such an enriching and stimulating experience, including summer employment in a professor's lab, a summer research fellowship, a fourth year project, and so on. These projects span the spectrum of conventional computer science, while at the same time exploring non-standard areas of computation. For example,

  1. We have a team that designs wireless networks of tiny sensors located deep below the surface of the ocean, whose purpose is to study that largely unknown world.
  2. A group is developing computer-based techniques to increase the accuracy and reduce the discomfort of medical procedures.
  3. We are discovering properties of certain computers that are radically different from the ones in use today, in the sense that a bit is the spin of an atom, or a register is a strand of DNA.
  4. The School is building organic interfaces for humans to communicate with computers.
  5. Our researchers are finding methods to make databases more secure, software more reliable and computers more intelligent.

Further reasons to choose the Queen's School of Computing

  1. Our classes are small and our student to instructor ratio is one of the lowest in Canada.
  2. We have a high percentage of female students; in addition, a special group, Women in the School of Computing, makes women feel welcome and equal participants.
  3. The School enjoys a warm and caring environment of which we are proud.


A recent article in the Globe and Mail (January 21, 2008) indicated that computer science graduates are in high demand by the Information Technology industry and that this trend will continue for many years to come. Canada's economy will depend on a steady supply of highly qualified computer scientists. This is but one of the many reasons to consider a career in Information Technology or in any of the many fields where Computing is important.

An invitation

I invite you to join us here in the School of Computing at Queen's University. You will find a School reputed for its academic excellence and the wonderful atmosphere it enjoys. I look forward to seeing you in Kingston.

Best wishes,

Selim G. Akl Selim G. Akl
Professor and Director,
School of Computing,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

Send us email if you have any questions