Queen's School of Computing


Bram Adams is an associate professor at the School of Computing, where he heads the MCIS lab on Maintenance, Construction, and Intelligence of Software. He obtained his PhD in computer science engineering from Ghent University (Belgium), and currently is also an adjunct at Polytechnique Montreal (QC). His research interests include release engineering/devops (think "software integration", "software build systems", and "infrastructure-as-code"), software analytics and human affect in software engineering (e.g., sentiment/emotion analysis). Together with his collaborators, Bram has published his work at the top software engineering conferences (ICSE, FSE, MSR, ICSME) and journals (EMSE, TSE, JSS), obtaining 6 best paper awards and 2 most influential paper awards. In 2021, he won the MSR community's Foundational Contribution Award for his research and evangelization on release engineering. Finally, he is a steering committee member of the International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR) and the International Workshop on Release Engineering (RELENG), and has been program co-chair of SCAM 2013, SANER 2015, ICSME 2016 and MSR 2019.