Queen's School of Computing


Catherine Stinson is Queen’s National Scholar in Philosophical Implications of Artificial Intelligence, Assistant Professor in the School of Computing and Philosophy Department. Dr. Stinson holds a PhD in History & Philosophy of Science from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Stinson specializes in methodology and ethics of artificial intelligence. They have published on psychiatric classification, explanation in Artificial Neural Networks, health data privacy, and (against) eugenic tech. Current research topics include adversarial examples in deep learning, algorithmic bias, the meanings of ‘intelligence’, and the moral responsibilities of computer scientists.

The focus of the new lab is digital justice. Dr. Stinson is open to working with students on modeling projects investigating the effects of workplace diversity, how bias arises in search and recommendation algorithms, how surveillance technologies affect marginalized communities, or how to reform psychiatric diagnosis. The lab is also open to exploring community-led design of tools that empower people, for example in detecting fake news, avoiding predatory data grabs, or meeting user-identified mental health needs.