Queen's School of Computing The School of Computing regularly offers seminars. The current listing can always be found through the School Calendar. Files related to upcoming and past seminars can be found below.

Distinguished Seminar Series

The Distinguished Seminar Series is intended to enhance the research environment of the School of Computing by providing graduate students, faculty, staff and undergraduate students with the opportunity to experience important research areas and findings presented by renowned researchers. Each year the School will invite four to six distinguished professionals to the School of Computing from other academic institutions and industry to make presentations on topics of current interest in the area of computing. Diversity of topics is essential to meeting the objectives of the seminar series. The topics will align closely with the research directions within the School of Computing, but also may represent other areas of interest to the computing community not formally studied in the School.

The seminars will be widely advertised and it is expected that they will be attended by students and faculty members of other departments of the university as well as those in the School. Talks directed at a general computing audience, covering either the latest advances or general area introductions by excellent speakers are sought. The format for each seminar will be a 45-minute lecture followed by a 15-minute Q&A period. Individual and group meetings may be arranged between the speaker and interested students and faculty members.

Upcoming School Seminars