Queen's School of Computing

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Winter Timetable

Please see the Courses Overview from the Graduate Handbook.

Fall 2020

Course CodeTitle (and Course Web Site)Category*Instructor
CISC 835/422Formal Methods in Software EngineeringS,TJuergen Dingel
CISC 839/451Topics in Data AnalyticsAHazem Abbas
CISC 866/447Introduction to CybersecuritySDavid Skillicorn
CISC 873Data MiningASteven Ding
CISC 877/486Game DevelopmentSNick Graham
CISC 879/490Computing Beyond TuringTSelim Akl
CISC 880Mining Software RepositoriesSYuan Tian
CISC 881Medical Imaging and Machine LearningAParvin Mousavi

*Categories: A → Applications; S → Systems; T → Theory; O → Other

Winter 2021

Course CodeTitle (and Course Web Site)Category*Instructor
CISC 825Paradigms of Wireless and Mobile NetworksSSameh Sorour
CISC 836Beyond Code: An Introduction to Model-Driven Software DevelopmentS,TJuergen Dingel
CISC 850Cyber-Physical System SecurityA,SMohammad Zulkernine
CISC 854/454Computer GraphicsAJames Stewart
CISC 856Reinforcement LearningASidney Givigi
CISC 858/458Programming Language ProcessorsSJim Cordy
CISC 865Semantics of Programming LanguagesTJ Dunfield
CISC 867Deep LearningAChristian Muise
CISC 874Foundations of Neural NetworksAFarhana Zulkernine
CISC 878Cyberspace and PolicingADavid Skillicorn
CISC 897Research Methods in Computer ScienceBram Adams

*Categories: A → Applications; S → Systems; T → Theory; O → Other