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For information about changes from previous years, see the enrollment news history.

Plan Selection for Students Finishing First Year

The plan selection period will open on SOLUS from May 17th to May 28th, 2021. See the Arts and Science description of plan selection, a few parts of which are summarized below.

At the end of first year, students who have completed 24.0 units must select a degree plan for second year. Any Arts and Science student who meets the plan selection requirements may select any plan in Arts and Science, not just the ones for the degree program in which they first registered. To automatically get into any Computing plan, you need a B in CISC 121 or 124, and a 2.6 cumulative GPA. A B- and 2.3 GPA get you onto a "pending list" from which we accept a limited number of students after the plan selection period ends.

All plans are treated equally; there are no separate quotas for individual plans.

If you are not accepted, you can apply at the end of enrolment, as soon as you do qualify, via an "Academic Change Form" found on the Arts and Science website under "Registration-Related Forms."

There will be MS Teams meetings from May 3 to May 27 for assistance with plan selection.

Change of Plan for Upper-Year Students

During the same time as first-year plan selection, we consider applications from upper-year students who wish to switch into Computing (via the plan change process outlined on the Arts and Science website). We make decisions about acceptance at the end of the application perood, based on the same criteria as the pending list, which may allow accepting a limited number of students with GPA below 2.6.

After the end of the enrolment period, we consider applications for switching into Computing based on the same criteria we used during plan selection, but with no promise that seats will be available this year in classes. This process uses Academic Change Forms found on the Arts and Science website under "Registration-Related Forms."

Orientation Session for Incoming First-Year Students (March 25, 2021)

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