Professional Internships for BCH Students

Students in a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) plan (code BCH) can register to do a Professional Internship version of their plan. An internship placement is an integral part of a Professional Internship plan. The COMP courses 390/6.0, 391/3.0, 392/3.0, and 393/3.0 ensure that students continue to be registered during the terms of their internship placement. Satisfactory completion of a written summary report following completion of the work period enables the internship student to receive credit for the courses plus transcript and diploma annotations indicating a degree plan that includes a Professional Internship. These replace the corresponding undergraduate project course requirement (CISC-498/6.0 or CISC-499/3.0 or CISC-496/3.0 or COGS-499/3.0).

Role of Career Services

The preparations for and monitoring of an internship placement are organized and coordinated by Career Services under the Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP). School of Computing students considering the possibility of a Professional Internship should watch for Career Services announcements about QUIP.

Role of the School of Computing's Academic Internship Administrator

The School of Computing's Academic Internship Administrator monitors our internships and grades the summary reports of returning interns.  The internship program Administrators are Karen Knight (Undergraduate Program Assistant) and Wendy Powley (Faculty)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of responses to common questions posed by prospective and current BCH Professional Internship students.

Past Internship Placements:


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