Queen's School of Computing

Questions about Transfer Credits

How do I apply for transfer credits (for courses that I took before I came to Queen's)?

If you have taken courses at another university before you became a Queen's student, you can usually get some of those courses counted as Queen's courses. Some transfer credits have a general designation, such as "a half-course general elective" or "a math/science elective". Other transfer credits are designated as equivalent to a particular Queen's course.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Go to the Arts and Science Faculty Office and fill out a form describing the transfer. Be prepared to provide a calendar description of course(s) you took at other institutions.
  2. The faculty office sends the information to the affected department. For example, a request for transfer credit for CISC-121 gets sent to the School of Computing. A request for MATH-111 gets sent to the Math department.
  3. The department decides whether and what type of credit to award. All Computing transfer-credit decisions are made by the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Do not forward course descriptions directly to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies with a request for evaluation.

How do I apply to take a course elsewhere if I am already at Queen's?

If you are a Queen's student and you want to take a course from another university and have it count as a Queen's credit, you need to get a Letter of Permission from the Arts and Science faculty office before you register or take the course.

Can you tell me all courses at University X that are equivalent to Queen's CISC courses?

No, the School of Computing will not tell you this for arbitrary X, but this page has a table of equivalences for Athabasca University, which offers correspondence courses in Computer Science. The Arts and Science Faculty Office has a list of "previously approved transfer credits" which you can view. This may give you a starting point in finding an equivalent course. But if course descriptions change (either at Queen's or at University X), then the transfer credit may no longer be approved. We suggest that you use Google to reach the respective university web sites and compare the course descriptions.

Can I get transfer credits from my college?

The university will accept transfer credits from almost all other universities, but college courses are only accepted if

  1. the college is accredited, AND
  2. the student completes an entire diploma or certificate program at the college.

Is it possible to get transfer credits for courses at CEGEP?

Yes, this can be done in some cases. Use the procedure outlined above to apply for transfer credit.

How many transfer credits can I get?

BCMP General:
Students can get up to 42 transfer credits from outside Queen's, leaving 48 credits (16 half-courses) to be done at Queen's for a BCMP degree. (It normally takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete the 48 credits. If you do not have any Computing background, it will probably take at least 2.5 years to obtain these 48 credits, due to the prerequisite structure of CISC courses.) Students who have completed a three-year program at an accredited Community College can receive up to 30.0 transfer credits.

Students can get up to 60 transfer credits from outside Queen's, leaving 60 credits (20 half courses) to be done at Queen's for a BCMPH degree. (It normally takes 2 or more years to complete the 60 credits. If you do not have any Computing background, it will probably take 3.5 years to obtain these 60 credits, due to the prerequisite structure of CISC courses.)

Does the 42 (or 60) transfer-credit limit apply to courses taken within Queen's, while I was a student in another degree program, which I did not complete?

No, this limit does not apply. For example, a student in ECE who transfers to Computing does not have Queen's courses count in the "maximum of 60 transfer credits" that is applied to 4 year degrees. If the student entered ECE at Queen's with transfer credits from another university, he/she is not penalized by changing to a Computing program.

Here is another example. Suppose a student transfers to Queen's after two years at UBC, receiving 60 transfer credits for the courses taken there, and enters a degree program in English. After one year, the student decides to switch into a Computing degree. The 60 transfer credits from UBC, plus the courses taken since arriving at Queen's, would all be eligible for inclusion in the Computing degree.

What if I already have an undergraduate degree from Queen's? Can I transfer credits from this previous degree to an undergraduate degree in Computing?

Yes. In the case of a completed previous degree, the 42 (or 60) limit applies.

I have work experience related to Computing. Can I get transfer credit for this?

No. Queen's does not award transfer credit for work experience. However, you may be able to use this work experience in place of prerequisites for advanced courses. You need to obtain the permission of the course instructor, if you want to register in a course for which you lack prerequisites. Similarly, you may be able to obtain exemption from some required courses. However, you will be required to replace these with other CISC courses. These details must be worked out with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.