Queen's School of Computing

The Queen's School of Computing offers a graduate program that is unique in its quality, diversity, innovation and reach. Our faculty and students are engaged in research projects that span the spectrum of traditional computer science, while at the same time exploring areas never visited before. Here, a team is designing wireless networks of tiny sensors located deep below the surface of the ocean, whose purpose is to study that largely unknown world. Another group is developing techniques to increase the accuracy and reduce the discomfort of medical procedures. Some of us are discovering properties of certain computers that are radically different from the ones we have today, in the sense that a bit is the spin of an atom, or a register is a strand of DNA. Others are building organic interfaces for humans to communicate with computers. We are finding methods to make databases more secure, software more reliable and computers more intelligent.

I invite you to join us. You will find a School reputed for its academic excellence and the wonderful atmosphere it enjoys. That you will be challenged is my guarantee. Achieving your full creative potential, however, will be entirely up to you. I look forward to seeing you in Kingston.

Best wishes,

Selim G. Akl Selim G. Akl
Professor and Director,
School of Computing,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6