Queen's School of Computing
PhD Candidate: Rahma Al Mahruqi 

Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2019 
Time: 2:15 pm
Location: Goodwin Hall, Conference Room 524

Supervisors: Thomas Dean ECE/QSC, Manar Alalfi, QSC
Internal Examiner: James Cordy, QSC
Internal/External Examiner: Michael Greenspan, ECE/QSC 
Head: Hossam Hassanein, QSC
External Examiner: Ettore Merlo, Ecole Polytechnique



In the Big Data era, data is emerging dramatically and the structure of data is becoming increasingly flexible. Non-Relational databases, such as the NoSQL class, are playing a major role as an enabler technology to manipulate such data. Non-Relational databases, have overcome many of the limitations of the relational databases especially those that relate to enable systems to scale up to serve more customers producing terabytes of data. More businesses are willing to migrate their legacy relational database systems to ones that use NoSQL Databases. In this thesis, we present a semi-automated approach to migrate highly dynamic SQLbased web applications to ones that use document-oriented NoSQL databases such as MongoDB using source analysis and transformation techniques. We outline a set of source transformation steps that can be used to migrate existing web applications database from SQL one to document-oriented NoSQL database. We demonstrate our semi-automated framework on the analysis and migration of three existing web applications to extract, classify, translate, migrate and optimize the queries and migrate the P HP code to interact with the migrated database. i There are two parts to this approach; the migration of schema and data, and the migration of the actual application code with embedded queries. Our approach provides contributions to the second part, migrating and optimizing the embedded SQL queries to interact with the new database system and changing the application code to use the translated queries.