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This summarizes information given to us by Arts and Science.

Admission into Computing Plans

Program/Plan Selection for students entering 2nd year (with 24 or more units) ended May 13-24. Second year in Computing is now full. If a student has successfully completed (C- or better) all 2nd year core courses and also meets the grade requirements for Computing plans (2.6 or better GPA in all courses, B in CISC 121 or 124), it may be possible to admit them to 3rd year.

Enrollment Deadlines

Enrolment appointments begin July 16. We very strongly advise that you enrol immediately when your appointment starts.

Class Selection is July 16 - Aug 2, with a 1-day pause on July 25. During this time you can enroll in at most 15 units worth of courses per term.

  • From July 8 you can view your appointment time in SOLUS and can begin to load courses into your shopping cart (but see re validation errors).
  • From July 16 to 24 Computing students will have priority in CISC/COGS courses, 2nd year students have priority in winter-term core 2nd year courses, and places in some courses are reserved for students in plans that require them.
  • From July 25 - Aug 2 enrollment restrictions are removed so if any student has the prereqs/coreqs and there is room in the courses they can enroll.
  • From Aug 5 - August 19 is registration hiatus which means no one can enroll anyone, not even the School or the Faculty Office.
  • Open enrollment begins August 20; you can have up to 18 units per term.
  • Classes begin on September 5, a Thursday.
  • Sept 18 is the last day to add Fall and Fall/Winter courses or drop Fall courses them without penalty. Bear in mind that if you add late you may have difficulties catching up.
See also the Arts and Science page on class selection.

Shopping Cart Validation Confusion

The shopping cart "validate" function checks for prerequisites, timetable conflicts, etc. When checking prerequisites, the validate function looks for courses you have completed or courses in which you are already enrolled. Therefore, if a winter term class requires a fall term class as prerequisite, the prerequisite check will fail because the student isn’t yet “enrolled” in the class. However, once the student is enrolled in the fall term class, it will then satisfy the course prerequisite for the winter term class. During or after your appointment slot, commit your fall term courses and you will then be able to add winter term courses.