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This summarizes information given to us by Arts and Science.

Admission into Computing Plans

Program/Plan Selection for students entering 2nd year (with 24 or more units) took place between May 27 and June 5. Second year in Computing is now full. If a student has successfully completed (C- or better) all 2nd year core courses and also meets the grade requirements for Computing plans (2.6 or better GPA in all courses, B in CISC 121 or 124), it may be possible to admit them to 3rd year.

Enrollment Deadlines

The registration period for Fall and Winter classes starts on August 10. We very strongly advise that you enrol immediately when your appointment starts.
  1. Aug 10: Appointment times issued to 1st Year Science students (BScH, BCmpH)
  2. Aug 17: Appointment Times issued to all 4th Year Students
  3. Aug 19: Appointment Times issued to all 3rd Year Students
  4. Aug 24: Appointment Times issued to all 2nd Year Students
  5. Aug 24: Program specific restrictions on 1st Year classes will change at noon to allow any 1st Year ASC student into 1st Year classes. These classes will remain closed to upper year students until Aug 27
  6. Aug 27: Registration pause day (waitlists run). Enrollment restrictions expire on on-campus courses
  7. Aug 31: Open Enrollment begins (students may add 18 units per term)
  8. Sep 21: Last date to add/drop fall classes.